Dana Margaret Williams, 2 Aug 1901, probably in Waverly, Kansas.

Children and China Dolls

Karen SteelyChildren, Toys

The majority of china dolls were German in origin, and they were generally less expensive than the bisque dolls that were also available in this time period.

Mary Louise McLean in 1872, taken in Cincinnati, Ohio by Vincent

Children and French Bisque Dolls

Karen SteelyChildren, Toys

French bisque dolls were expensive, beautiful, and represented the height of the dollmakers’ art. These dolls are much rarer than German bisque dolls, and their beauty can be mesmerizing.

Young girl with a Lenci (model 110) cloth doll about 1926.

Children with Cloth and Paper Dolls

Karen SteelyChildren, Toys

Although bisque and china dolls were the most prevalent in the 1800s and early 1900s, there were other types of dolls available, including cloth and paper dolls.

Children with a German bisque character doll and horse pull toy.

Children and German Character Dolls

Karen SteelyChildren, Toys

Character dolls are some of the rarer and more valuable of German bisque dolls. These dolls date from the late 19th and early 20th century, and their rarity is largely due to the fact that, at the time they were produced, they were generally less popular than the more traditional “dolly” face German bisque dolls.